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By rainingzero, Apr 30 2008, 02:31 PM :-
cards arrived yesterday...really nice card..i love it so much...Really nice... Thumbs Up!

By VelVetDreAmzZz^_^ , May 7 2008, 07:50 PM :-
free bump for ya...nice card!! received it d...n nice writing lol!

By Angeline84ng, June 6 2008, 09:53 AM :-
Great cards! It takes a lot of effort and time to do all this. And at a very very cheap price. I used to purchase from my friend and she sell it for a much higher price. But at the same time, she sell it to shops as well. Below are my interest. Please PM me total amount to pay and i will transfer and give you my address:--M14-M28-G27 Thank you !

By Linda, June 6 2008, 12.40 PM :-
Received the card already. Thanks a lot ya! I like it very much.

By Bryan, June 24 2008, 2.56 PM :-
Eve, i already received your card. TQ eve! You are so kind.

By Fiza, 29 August 2008, 11.23 PM :-
Hi, my hubby received d card, n he was so so happy. thanks ya!

By chloe s, Dec 24 2008, 4.43 PM :-
hi thr, juz to let u noe that i received d cards alrdy o.. thx alot ya~ i like it very much o.. LOL

By kay aLies, Jan 5 2009, 11.12 PM :-
Hi Eve!
Hey, It's Lovely!!!
No worries....You work so hard to make it done.and I really appreciate that.I Love both of the cards that you made for me.Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!
I already bank in the money to you.. (^_^)~Thanks dear.
p/s: will bugging you to make a nice cards for me in the future ..
;P~Thanks again, dear..

By Jo, Feb 13 2009, 10.30 PM :-
Hi Evelyn, i got the card already. thanks. my friend likes it alot. *hugs.

By RongSheng, Feb 16 2009, 11.40 PM :-
tks Eve... for ur cny card... didn't expect u to make 1 for me n send to me b4 cny... hehe really love ur cards... i still kept the old 1s u sent me... Ppl, do order cards from her... cus she her ideas n designs r unique n the prices r cheap :P take care Eve

By Jessica Cho, Feb 17 2009, 5.54 AM :-
I love your cards, and my mum love it so much when i give her the card that i bought from you... thank you so much.. Hope you'll have more and more cards coming soon ... thank you...!!!

By XiYing, Feb 18 2009, 1.09 PM :-
really love your creativity and efforts.. =) i am also doing handmade cards..so i know it require alot of time, efforts and creativity juice

By Nik, Feb 25 2009, 8.45 AM :-
Hi Evelyn,
Sorry for the late reply as I was on leave until 24/02/09.
I have received all the cards!! It’s totally exceeds my expectation~ I love it so much~
Thanks Evelyn. =)
Hope can deal with u again =)

By Ainur, Feb 26 2009, 8.26 PM :-
my boyfriend loves dat card! tq honey~

By Orange Little, Mar 21 2009, 11.30 PM :-
Hi evelyn.. Thanks for ur effort! it was really nice..me n my partner loves the card at most as well as the banner..was awesome! was nice dealing with u also ^^

By Mizzy, April 3 2009, 1.24 PM :-
Love all cards! ^_^ will return when i need to buy more cards yah! :D keep up the good work! Cheers! -mizzy-

By Zahra, Nov 6 2009, 9.53PM :-
hey, i've received the card..it is soooo cute..love the panda n im sure my bf will like it..*wink*..great work..will come again next time!! thanx evelyn!

By Nurul, Dec 31 2009, 1.17PM :-
Oh Gosh!!! I REAlly love ur works!!! =) superb~~~ I'll make sure to be your follower and to be your regular customer.

By Nur Amalina Binti Tawil, Jan 21 2010, 9.36AM:-
Just received the card. Love it so much. The card is cute!

By Kha Menn, Feb 8 2010, 4.12PM:-
Hey Evelyn, i've just received the card this morning. It's such a lovely card, i love it! hehe. :)
and thanks for the note papers. u're such a creative person.
Good luck in ur sales! Will definitely come back again if i need any cards.
Best regards,
Kha Menn.

By Diana, May 12 2010, 11.34AM:-
i have received the cards! my hubby said sangat2 creative ;) hee thanks!!!

By Arien, May 19 2010, 11.08PM:-
hye Evelyn..i've already received my bookmark yesterday..
i really satisfied wif ur gud handwork..tq dear.. :)

By Razliza, May 27 2010, 8.14PM:-
hi evelyn,i've already received the biz cards..they're nice!

By Luffy, June 2 2010, 2.24PM:-
hey,,i get the parcel today,,the cards are so nice,,i cant wait to give my teacher tomorrow

By Sofiyy, June 19, 3.07PM:-
hai eve, i've printed the card already. Thanks alot eve. It's really pretty!!! =) i love your artwork alot!

By Cassandra Ng, June 22, 9.54PM:-
Eve, really love ur cards...keep on the great designs and you always be our first priority for card maker. Thanks!

By Aimi Zahari, July 8, 7.35PM:-
hi...juz received the card this afternoon. it is so pretty..can't wait to give it to my bf..thank you so much..will browse thru ur blog again for future order.. :P

By Wendy, Feb 12 2012, 12:35PM:-
Hi Pretty, received the wedding invitation cards already, very nice, hubby like it very much!
- Wendy, Alor Setar

By Yoshini, March 21 2012, 3:12PM:-
Hello Miss, I've received the parcel ya. The ROM invitation cards are beautiful indeed! Thanks ya! Will definitely work with you in the future. Have a nice day! :)
- Yoshini, Kedah

By Hezleen Hamid, April 9 2012, 1:02PM:-
Hi Evelyn,
Great! You are the most efficient business woman I've ever dealt with. Keep up the good work. Already have done some marketing for you indirectly. And will therefore do it in the future.

By Melisa Tai, June 24 2012:-
Dear Evelyn,
I have received the cards tonight. They are beautiful, finely made and good quality. Thanks for the good job and helping us to design the card :)
Thank you and all the best in your business

- Cheras

By Celine Yap, July 23 2012:-
I was not sure of the design that I wanted but the owner was kind enough to brainstorm with me and give me multiple ideas! She was friendly and nice... and the end result - GREAT!!! I really like the cards and the experience... Thank you!
- Celine, Klang

By Ena Melanie Marshal, Aug 16, 2012:-
Dear Purple Cards,
Just to let you know that the cards are well received. It is lovely and we love it.
Thank you so much.
Have a good day. :-)
- Sarawak

By Wei Keong, September 08, 2012:-
"Hi Purple Cards, really thanks for the boarding pass, will definitely recommend my friend to use your service next time".
- Wei Keong, Puchong.

By Yian Yong Kho, September 09, 2012:-
Great patience, excellent service and prompt follow up! Thanks to Purple Cards for the great works, love them all and will definitely recommend this site to my friends :)
- Yian Yong, Gombak KL.

By Patricia Lim, September 22, 2012:-
Hey Purple Cards! I've been meaning to get back to you, but was so busy! Just wanna say the covers are so pretty! :) rave reviews from everyone! Thanks so much for your help! :)

By Mardhiana, October 01, 2012:-
Hi PurpleCards, I have received the cards. It's nice and the tag looks great!!!
- Mardhiana, Singapore

By Sue Lyn, December 17, 2012:-
Hi Purple Cards, Thanks for meeting me today. Just to let you know we love the cards!
Cards and envelopes quality is quite good too! Will definitely recommend others :)
-Sue Lyn, Klang.

By Emylyne Edward, December 17, 2012:-
Dear Purple Cards,
I have already received the cards.
They are nice and beautiful!!
thank you for your service.
I really appreciate it :)
- Emylyne Edward, Limbang Sarawak.

By Claire Rea, December 17, 2012:-
Hi Purple Cards, Just 2 say our thank you cards are gorgeous! Thanks very much :-) We love them! & thanks very much for our Christmas cards. They are lovely :-) That was very kind of you :-)
Happy Christmas to you :-) all the best wishes for the New Year! :-)
Thanks for everything!
- Claire Rea, Ireland.

By Zetty Ahmad, January 09, 2013:-
Happy New Year to you Evelyn and PurpleCollection staff! I just wanna inform you that i already received the package containing the invitation cards, it was one day late because of flight delay. Overall I'm very satisfied with the outcome. Thanks a lot to you.
However, as i mentioned we are happy and satisfied with the cards and now starting to deliver them. Thanks for all your cooperation and support. I also would like to apologize if there's any miscommunication or inconvenience occur all this while.
Have a great year ahead and best regards.
Zetty. (Jitra, Kedah)

By Joie Khor, January 11, 2013:-
Thanks Purple Cards for the quality card! Love them much!!

By Shuhada Shak, January 23, 2013:-
Hi Purple Cards!
I have received the cards!
Once again thank you for the cards. We loved them! You and your team has done a wonderful job. Very efficient and exceeded my expectations. I would definitely recommend you to my friends!
Thank you Evelyn!
- Shuhada Shak, Singapore

By Jessie Chua, January 25, 2013:-
Hi Purple Cards, this is Jessie from Australia. I finally received and get to see our wedding invites. I love it!
Just would like to say thank you very much for your prompt and very efficient response. You and your team has been very helpful and patient. We will certainly recommend Purple Collection to our friends in future.
Have a Happy Chinese New Year!
- Justin & Jessie, Australia.

By Fariha Salleh, January 29, 2013:-
Hi Purple Cards! The package had arrived on Saturday! Sooo cute!! (^_^) thanks dearie! I will surely contact you again in the future! thanks for entertaining my many requests hehe. You’re the best!
- Fariha, Shah Alam, Selangor.

By Vivien Teng, February 5, 2013:-
Hi Purple Cards, I had received those lovely cards last Friday. They are wonderful. Friends and family are surprised to receive them and love the idea. Thank you so much Evelyn.

By Aireen, February 01, 2013:-
Hi Purple Cards, I got the cards! They are nice!
Thank you!
Aireen & Kama.
- Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur.

By Devi, February 25, 2013:-
We received our wedding invitation cards today. What an amazing work Eve has put together. I was quite upset when her artist wasn't able to do the caricature, but Eve put on her thinking cap and introduced another caricature artist which we were amazed with his draw. I have to say Eve has the patience of a saint. In my few deals with her, Eve has proved to be knowledgeable, accommodating a fussy bride and her customer service is exemplary. Kudos to Eve and man we are beyond satisfied with our invitation cards. Thank you heaps Eve, lots of best wishes for your biz to grow.
Devi & Billy.
- Auckland, New Zealand.

By Nur Habibah, February 27, 2013:-
Dear Purple Cards,
Thank you for your efficiency and responsibility.
F.y.i some of the cards has be distributed to my family members and the good news is there's a lot of compliment about the card.
Thanks for all you excellence effort and hope we can work together again.
Best Regards,
Nur Habibah
- Singapore

By Frashilla, February 29, 2013:-
Hi Purple Cards,
I had received them yesterday.
And everything looks perfect! Thank you so much for the wonderful cards,they are just perfect! :)
Thank you so much for everything, I would like to mention your service and your products are simply awesome. I will definitely recommend your service to my friends :)
Thanks again so much for everything :)
Best Regards,
Frashilla :)
- Singapore.

By Felicia Ng, March 09, 2013:-
Dear Purple Cards,
I love the cards! They are really nicely made & surely
I'll recommend my friends if they are looking for fine cards.
Have a nice day!
Felicia Ng.
- Kuala Lumpur.

By Shareff, March 13, 2013:-
Dear Purple Cards,
Thank you for the prompt printing and delivery
Its much appreciated
Thank you
- Singapore

By Michelle Lim, April 10, 2013:-
Just want to say kudos to the top notch service! I have my cards printed in Feb (love them!) and am getting my church program printed by you. Will definitely recommend you to my friends looking for printing services.

By Darielyn D.M, April 26, 2013:-
Hi Purple Cards,
I have received your cards and it was so nice& beautiful. Thank you so much and I guess you guys did such a wonderful job. Thank you once again.
Regards, Darielyn, PJ.

By Andy Ng, July 22, 2013:-
Card Code: CH0011
Hi Evelyn,
The cards arrived awhile ago, but didn't get a chance to say thank you.
The cards look great, and you had them ready in half the time.
Your prompt service and attention definitely made the whole process very smooth. Was a pleasure to work with you.
All the best in the future.
Andy Ng,
- Australia

By Melissa, Aug 1, 2013:-
Dear Purple Cards,
I personally liked the cards, simple and lovely. Wish you a very successful business. I might contact you again for card business hehe, definitely will recommend you to others. Good luck!
Warm regards,
Melissa Sapitang,
- Kota Kinabalu

By Zing Lee, August 4, 2013:-
Dear, I have look through all my cards, and its all beautiful and lovely.
Thank you so much. All my family said it is very nice and unique.
- Zing, Klang

By Jeprol, Aug 16, 2013:-
Thank you Evelyn, for the nice cards. And also the extra cards. :). GBU.
- Jeprol, Puchong

By Dorinda, Aug 25, 2013:-
Oh my gosh Evelyn. We just received the parcel... It totally made my day. You have no idea how much difference it made!!!
Thank you thank you so so much for the super fast work and delivery and for rushing it out for us!
Just in time for my friends gatherings this weekend!!
Oh, and I have not mentioned that everything is perfect!!!
I expect good quality from your fantastic reviews but have no idea it will be this good!!!
Thank you so much!
Best choice I have made for my wedding!!!
Really thank you!
- Singapore

By Courtney, Nov 18, 2013:-
Hi Evelyn,
Sorry for the late reply. We have been so busy with things happening.
My fiance and I would like to thankyou so much!. Our wedding invites and your service was amazing.

At first i was very nervous as our past experiences purchasing online have been horrible!. You were amazing every step of the way, answering our many emails within hours each time. You also helped us with suggestions when you could see from our emails we werent certain about a detail. Your service was amazing i couldnt fault it at all.

The cards itself all 200 plus of them! Were very good quality and affordable at the same time (Not often you get that!). I cant wait for our guests to open them. Our immediate families were very pleased and excited about having our invites as boarding passes for a destination wedding.

Again a big thankyou!, for any future events i will definately use your service again and aswell as reccomend you to others.

Kind regards
Courtney-Lee Croad,

- Auckland, New Zealand

By Jocelyn, Dec 23, 2013:-
Hi Evelyn,

Thank you very much for the purple passport cards. They are so pretty and made of such good quality! Thumbs up also for getting them ready during the given time frame
Thank you also for throwing in the little adorable Xmas gift. It's super cute!
Take care!

- Wangsa Maju, KL.

By Henry Fang, Feb 24, 2014:-

Hey Evelyn. Good day. Collected the 2nd batch of cards yesterday. Just want to thank you for all the help in making our cards sooooo beautiful. It has been so easy and a pleasure to work with you. Earlier was afraid to do any work online by just sending emails. But after my experience with you I have changed my perception .
Hope to do business in the future again. 
Once again thank you very much.

Best wishes,
A very happy and satisfied couple!
Henry Fang, 
- Singapore

By Dian Kaur, Mar 25, 2014:-
Sorry for the late reply. Was travelling and now deep into planning the wedding. My mother received the cards and she liked them very much. Thank you!

Dian, KL.

By Mandy Tan, Oct 10, 2016

By Yoninda, Mar 7, 2017

By Catherina, Mar 5, 2017

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