Red Stripes Wedding Invitation Card

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

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G0528 Pink Stripes

Red Stripes Wedding Invitation Card, Red Stripes, Red, Stripes, Wedding, Invitation Card, Invitation, Card, Marshall & Magdelina, Marshall, Magdelina

Kind Words:
Dear Evelyn, I have already received the cards.
They are nice and beautiful!!
thank you for your service, Evelyn.
I really appreciate it :)
- Emylyne Edward, Limbang Sarawak.

Card Specifications:
Card Code: G0528 Red Stripes
Pocket Size: 10.5 x 21cm
Card Feature: Classic One Fold
Card Type: Dapple Art Card 250gsm

To enquire about this wedding invitation card, please contact us. Thank you!



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