Square Floral Wedding Invitation Card

Wednesday, January 09, 2013
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Thank you Zetty & Hafiz!

Kind Words:
Happy New Year to you Evelyn and PurpleCollection staff! I just wanna inform you that i already received the package containing the invitation cards, it was one day late because of flight delay. Overall I'm very satisfied with the outcome. Thanks a lot to you.
However, as i mentioned we are happy and satisfied with the cards and now starting to deliver them. Thanks for all your cooperation and support. I also would like to apologize if there's any miscommunication or inconvenience occur all this while.
Have a great year ahead and best regards.
Zetty. (Jitra, Kedah)

Card Specifications:
Card Code: G0530
Card Feature: 2 sided, no fold
Card Size: 15cm x 15cm
Card Type: Perfume Floral Card

To inquire about this invitation card, please contact us for the quotation. Thank you!


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